The CTPA serves over 1.5 million students with a collective desire to share experiences, tools and knowledge.

Vendor Information

As stated in the CTPA Interlocal Agreement, Item 6, Purchasing Authority:

"The CTPA, in and of itself, shall not have any authority to make purchases of goods and services directly with Vendors or contractually bind its Members or Participants to any third party agreements, except to the extent authorized by the Board of Directors of the CTPA, for the purchase of products and services related to the maintaining databases of information, web hosting or other type administrative support tools required for the operation of the CTPA’s business activities."

Vendor Lists

As a collection of school districts, CTPA does not maintain its own supplier list or contracts. Each member school district is responsible for developing and maintaining their own vendor list and contracts. Each member district may be contacted directly at the information provided on this site. THE CTPA DOES NOT MAINTAIN A VENDORS LIST.


The CTPA does not solicit directly to the vendor community. This is done at the member district level. The CTPA does not maintain a repository of this solicitations. The vendor must contact a member district directly for this information. THE CTPA DOES NOT ISSUE SOLICITATIONS.

Contract Awards

If a vendor wishes to do business through the CTPA they must first have received an award of a currently active contract through one of the member districts for the contract to be adopted by another member district. THE CTPA DOES NOT AWARD CONTRACTS.