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CTPA Awarded Vendor Portal (AVP)

The CTPA Awarded Vendor Portal (AVP) is a member-developed program that allows for the sharing of contracts with in-district end-users, and between member districts through a web-based portal. This portal will provide member districts' contracts and information, allow for a simple search of other member districts awarded vendors, and soon allow access to supporting documentation for the adoption of other members' contracts.

All members have secure access to the program. Training modules have been developed to assist in learning more about the functionality.

For a member district to utilize the program the following must be done by the district administrator(s):

  • Identify and set up the Level 2 program administrators;
  • Set up the additional district staff access;
  • Unblock other member district as desired by the program administrators to see the other members' contracts; and
  • Begin to load your own contracts through the import module by the import templated made available within this module.

Please note access to the program will also require member districts to provide information which will include specific data points for their contracts found within the template.

For a member to utilize the program to its full potential, it will be expected they will also participate by including any contracts they have awarded. The AVP will only be as effective as the members make it.

There are next phases in development which will include the ability for the member districts to upload the "due diligence documents" into a repository for sharing with adopting districts.