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CTPA Cooperative Entity Competitive Assurance Program (CECAP)

CTPA continues to examine best practices for the best interest of its members and strives to instill the proper application of the public procurement process in the State of Texas. As a service to its membership, an application process has been established to identify a Cooperative entity’s ability to meet the applicable legal requirements set forth in Section 44.031 of the Texas Education Code based on the legal understanding and guidelines of the CTPA member districts.

One area of concern is the ability for a Cooperative to meet the same statutory standards to which a Texas school district must perform its procurement process, with the member district not having to question the legitimacy of the cooperative’s process of establishing and awarding their contracts. By applying and receiving recognition status by the CTPA, a member district can, by their own choice and through an executed interlocal agreement with the Cooperative, can consider the Cooperative to be an acceptable resource to utilize awarded contracts managed by the Cooperative. The interlocal between the member district and the Cooperative is based on Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code and Section 271.101 of the Texas Local Government Code. The CTPA does not require any additional conditions outside this application, and this application is not considered legally binding for the purposes presented above.

Participation in the application process is totally voluntary by the Cooperative and is not to be considered a means to limit the ability of the Cooperative to have an interlocal relationship with a CTPA member district. The approval or lack thereof by the CTPA does not affect any existing or future interlocal agreements directly with the Cooperative by its members. If a Cooperative’s application is rejected, the Cooperative may choose to appeal or remedy the deficiency and reapply until approved or determined the deficiencies cannot be remedied. The CTPA reserves the right to request additional information or clarification if deemed necessary to complete a review of the application.

The CECAP Application is available within Leander ISD's electronic procurement application. You will first need to register as a supplier in order to access the application 

If you need any assistance with your registration or the CECAP Application, please contact

To review the questions and information required within the application, click on the link below.

CTPA Cooperative Entity Competitive Assurance Program (CECAP) Application – Field Definitions

NOTE: This application is only for cooperative entities that meet the requirements of TGC 791. This is not for individual vendors.

Congratulations to the following cooperatives that have been certified by the CTPA Cooperative Entity Competitive Assurance Program (CECAP)!

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