The CTPA serves over 1.5 million students with a collective desire to share experiences, tools and knowledge.

CTPA TASBO Connect Community

One of the main reasons the CTPA was established was to create an invaluable communication channel between the member districts allowing for the frequent exchange of information and ideas. The value and status of the alliance is being recognized by TASBO and many districts statewide. Communications is how CTPA provides its members with many more opportunities to experience cost saving measures and improved efficiencies within each member district’s purchasing organization.

TASBO CTPA Connect Program

The main means of communications between CTPA members is the Connect Communities forum managed by the Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO). The CTPA has its own community within the TABSO Connect program to which ideas are shared, and requests for input made. If your district is a member of TASBO, you can be a part of this community. Please note for an individual to be able to utilize the Connect program, they must be an active member of TASBO.

TASBO Connect Settings

To ensure communications are timely, it is suggested the individual makes the following changes to sets their Connect email notifications

  • Sign into your TASBO Connect profile
  • Scroll down to the "Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA)" community and click on the link to open.
  • Next to the CTPA header, find the "Settings" button and click.
  • Under "Email Notifications" click on the dropdown and choose either "Real Time" or "Daily Digest".

Request Additional Names or Delete Individuals no longer with a Member District

If you would like to add individuals who have joined your district or to remove names who no longer are associated with your district, please submit your request through this online form.