The CTPA serves over 1.5 million students with a collective desire to share experiences, tools and knowledge.

How to Join the CTPA

The CTPA is made up exclusively of school district purchasing representatives, with a collective desire to share experiences, tools, and knowledge. CTPA is an administrative agency created in accordance with Section 791.001 of the Texas Government Code.

NOTE: Membership is restricted to only school districts at this time. Membership is not open to vendors.

Click here for the CTPA Master Agreement and Bylaws.

CTPA meetings are held semiannually in April and October and will provide online access to the meetings. If you represent a Texas school district, please join us as a guest or better yet, become an active member in our association. We believe you will find it a valuable resource tool and excellent means of enhancing your Purchasing informational network.

The steps to apply for membership are in order as follows:

  • Download an application from the CTPA website

  • The interested school district has their Board pass a resolution approving participation in CTPA

  • Authorized representative for the interested district signs the agreement

  • The agreement is mailed or emailed for CTPA for signature

  • District is invoiced and pays the membership dues annually to retain an active membership

Please select one of the links below to view or print the following documents:

As stated above, if you wish to join, please have your board pass a resolution approving your district's participation in CTPA and then have your district's authorized representative sign on the signature page of the agreement. After execution, please forward it to:

Attn: Danny Poolman, Director of Purchasing & Materials Management

Central Texas Purchasing Alliance

c/o Round Rock Independent School District Purchasing Department

16255 Great Oaks Drive Suite 200

Round Rock Texas 78681