The History of the CTPA

The concept for the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA) was spawned from the desire by a few central Texas districts to find an efficient and effective means of sharing resources and information.  As the word spread more districts showed an interest and over the past year the concept developed into a formal organization.

In its short existence CTPA has already developed into an invaluable communication channel between the member-districts allowing for the frequent exchange of information and ideas. The value and status of the organization is being recognized by TASBO and many districts statewide.

The CTPA model is being used to help structure a similar alliance in the Dallas area. This is only the beginning. CTPA will provide its members with many more opportunities to experience cost saving measures and improved efficiencies within each district’s purchasing organization.

CTPA is not like the many “Purchasing Cooperatives” that are popping up throughout the state, where emphasis is strictly on developing bids. CTPA’s major focus is purchasing-professional development, through information sharing, mentoring, and exchange of purchasing tools and processes.

It is not to say that CTPA doesn’t address consolidated purchasing opportunities. Where members find it beneficial, bids are shared or sometimes led by one member district, allowing others to save on resources while reaping the benefits of bettering pricing because of the joint participation.

The CTPA is made up exclusively of school district purchasing representatives, with a collective desire to share experiences, tools and knowledge. CTPA is an administrative agency created in accordance with Section 791.001 of the Texas Government Code.

Latest NewsQuick Resources

CTPA Web Site - 01/20/09
Jan. 20, 2009 - The Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA) web site for members and guests is a source of good information. The site will allow guests to view what school districts are members and the benefits of membership, plus allowing for the member districts to share and network existing contracts, solicitations, and other important documentation. It is a tool created by members to help each other in their workplaces.

Elections in April - 01/20/09
At our April Meeting meeting new officers and directors will be chosen. Stay tuned for details!

CTPA Executive Director - 01/20/09
Jamie Spiegel is the Executive Director of the CTPA. This position comes along with being chosen as the new Purchasing Director for Round Rock ISD.